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Beauty in blue
Digitalprint on safety glass 60x90 cm
Item No.: 751962
119.00 *
Astonished cows
Acrylic painting 50x100 cm
Item No.: 351522
119.00 *
Abstract thoughts in blue II
Acrylic painting 90X120 cm
Item No.: 203655
240.00 *
Fashion books with high heel II
Digitalprint on safety glass 60x80 cm
Item No.: 752162
135.00 *
Atmospheric grand piano
Digitalprint on safety glass 100x150 cm
Item No.: 752396
est. from week 35/2021
399.00 *
Beauty wit delicate flowerwig
Acrylic painting 80x120 cm
Item No.: 102484
135.00 *
Fashion Czar
Digitalprint on safety glass 60x80 cm
Item No.: 752322
119.00 *
abstract bright sun
Acrylic painting 80x80 cm
Item No.: 201563
est. from week 27/2021
119.00 *
Abstract colourful II
Acrylic painting 92,5x122,5 cm
Item No.: 102665
349.00 *
Back view of a dark beauty
Acrylic painting 70x100 cm
Item No.: 203873
est. from week 24/2021
135.00 *
Round in blue II
Acrylic painting 62x62 cm
Item No.: 203781
est. from week 30/2021
135.00 *
cat in cup
Acrylic painting 60 x 60 cm
Item No.: 350291
74.90 *

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