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Cultur woman
Acrylic painting 60x90 cm
Item No.: 352512
165.00 *
Abstract with blue and gold glitter
Acrylic painting 76x150 cm
Item No.: 203865
280.00 *
Cultur woman
Acrylic painting 60x90 cm
Item No.: 352512
165.00 *
Tiger with a coat
Digitalprint on safety glass 60x80 cm
Item No.: 752502
130.00 *
smoking gorilla
Acrylic painting 70 x 70 cm
Item No.: 350462
est. from week 5/2022
119.00 *
Digitalprint 80 x 120 cm on acrylic glass
Item No.: 852324
Delivery time 2-4 weeks
298.00 *
Ara parrots in love
Acrylic painting 100X100 cm
Item No.: 203794
230.00 *
Beauty with blue parrot
Acrylic painting 100x100 cm
Item No.: 353984
298.00 *
Modern spoons with spices II
Digitalprint on safety glass 40x80 cm
Item No.: 752601
66.00 *
Autumn Forest
Digitalprint 66 x 140 cm on acrylic glass
Item No.: 853165
Delivery time 2-4 weeks
329.00 *
giraffes morning
Acrylic painting 70 x 100 cm
Item No.: 350503
165.00 *
Digitalprint on safety glass 80x120 cm
Item No.: 750524
198.00 *
"Blumenmädchen mit traurigen Augen" - Acryl auf Leinwand
Emotion & colour
"Leuchtende Abstraktion" - Acryl auf Leinwand Luminous Abstraction
It's wine o'clock
Powerful imagery
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