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Acoustic pictures Ambiente - pure design joy with breathtaking creations.

Discover the wide repertoire of captivating acoustic pictures in our "Ambiente" category. The impressive works combine nostalgic design and effective sound absorption. Enjoy pure design pleasure with breathtaking creations showing unique views of abandoned places.

The variety of textile motif prints is underlined by different versions, matching your room concept and style preference. The "Red Sofa" is just as much a choice as "Street Art with Swing" and "Lost Place Salon". Enter the ambience world of imageLAND and get to know sensational acoustic pictures for exclusive living and working environments.

Lost Place sound insulation pictures - the fascination of inanimate places

Abandoned factory halls, deserted staircases, deserted corridors - the brilliant motifs on our Ambiente acoustic pictures inspire with the charm of old ruins and enchanted places. Uninhabited places exert a very special fascination. Peppered with a certain nostalgia, Lost Place soundproofing pictures bring exciting stories to life. These sound-absorbing works of art can decorate a modern individual office as well as an elegant meeting room.

Numerous motifs present themselves as style models for acoustic pictures from the Ambiente product genre. For example, the three-part composition "Lost Place Hallway" and the panorama picture "Lost Place Factory Hall" appear as designs. And if you want to bring the urban lifestyle into your office or home, you can also buy sound-absorbing street art pictures at imageLAND.

Discover the most popular Ambiente acoustic wall pictures at imageLAND

In the category "Ambiente" you can expect extraordinary places, expressive architectural motifs and trendy street art. The artistically high-quality sound insulation pictures immediately cast a spell over every observer. Whether staircases, halls, corridors or villas - experience completely different facets of this theme. Let yourself be carried away to deserted areas or enjoy the sight of grandiose street art. Discover the most popular Ambiente acoustic murals at imageLAND. Visually highly appealing, the creations have a special textile surface that considerably reduces the echo of voices and improves the room climate to the maximum. We offer our exclusive Ambiente editions in a variety of formats and sizes.

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