fashion week Acrylic painting 40x40 cm

fashion week

Acrylic painting 40x40 cm
Item No.: D312-2-4040
59.00 *
Canvas on wooden frame
Acrylic paint
metal foil
Natural Canvas

Fashion show in gold and silver

Minimalist, elegant stylised silhouettes on genuine natural linen. Artful gold and silver accents create great light reflections. Artfully hand-painted minimalism with impressive impact on any wall in your home or business premises.


This modern and exclusive canvas painting is an eye-catcher for every home, lounge, or office. The high-quality canvas is stretched on a real wood frame. The picture is hand-crafted by skilled artists using high-grade, brilliant paint.

Each hand-painted picture will show minor variations in color or shape which represent the uniqueness of the painting. Our customers highly value the individual character and the quality of our paintings.

For easy mounting, flexibly usable hooks will be supplied.

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Acrylic painting

A real masterpiece is waiting for you! Conjure up a wonderful ambience with this work of art and turn your living room, lounge, office or practice into a real oasis of well-being with a very special flair. The modern painting is made of high-quality materials and is a real eye-catcher. You will hardly be able to get enough of it and your guests will certainly be quickly captivated by this work of art.

The living room accessory, which is made by professionally experienced and excellently trained artists, impresses with its brilliant colours and great attention to detail. Please bear in mind, however, that handmade works of art may show slight variations in shape and colour. Our customers appreciate individuality and therefore enjoy the unique character of our decorative items.

At imageLAND you will find acrylic paintings in all conceivable sizes and dimensions. And of course, you also have the free choice in terms of genre.

Shop the way you like - imageLAND offers you well-designed products and an excellent service.


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fashion week
fashion week
Item No.: D312-2-4040
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