Parrots in the forrest Acrylic painting 90x180 cm Sale

Parrots in the forrest

Acrylic painting 90x180 cm Sale
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Item No.: 354379
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Unit: pcs
90cm x 180cm x 3.7cm
Canvas on wooden frame
Acrylic paint
Set of:
metal foil
landscape format

Giclee, skillfully finished by hand

This modern and exclusive canvas painting is an eye-catcher for every home, lounge, or office. The high-quality canvas is stretched on a real wood frame. The picture is based on a giclée/digital print, which is manually refined and skillfully finished by trained artists.

Each hand-painted picture will show minor variations in colour or shape which represent the uniqueness of the painting. Our customers highly value the individual character and the quality of our paintings.

For easy mounting, flexibly usable hooks will be supplied.

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Parrots in the forrest
Parrots in the forrest
Item No.: 354379
Parrots in the forrest
Parrots in the forrest
Parrots in the forrest
Parrots in the forrest
Parrots in the forrest
Parrots in the forrest
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