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The positive effect of acoustic screens in rooms such as surgeries, receptions, meeting rooms and offices is far-reaching and has a significant impact on the well-being and productivity of people in these environments. Acoustic screens, also known as sound-absorbing screens, combine aesthetic design with functional sound reduction, making them an indispensable element of pleasant interior design.

Noise reduction and stress reduction:

Acoustic screens actively contribute to noise reduction by absorbing sound waves and thus dampening unwanted noise. In surgeries and reception areas, they create a quiet atmosphere, which is particularly important for patients and customers. In offices and meeting rooms, they enable a concentrated working environment, minimising stress and distractions.

Improved communication:

In meeting rooms, acoustic screens promote better communication by reducing reverberation and minimising background noise. This enables more effective meetings and helps to ensure that important information can be communicated clearly.


Pleasant ambience:

The aesthetic design of acoustic pictures gives rooms a personal touch and creates a pleasant ambience. In surgeries, this can have a positive impact on the patient experience, while in offices and reception areas, an appealing design has a positive effect on employees and customers.

Customised design options:

The variety of motifs and designs for acoustic pictures makes it possible to customise the room design to the individual needs and character of the room. This gives users the freedom to design their rooms in a way that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.


Increase in productivity:

In offices, acoustic screens promote a quiet working atmosphere that improves concentration and increases productivity. Fewer distractions from ambient noise allow employees to concentrate better on their tasks and do their work more efficiently.


Acoustic screens are therefore not just decorative elements, but contribute significantly to a positive room climate and an improved working or treatment environment. Their many benefits make them an investment in the well-being and efficiency of people in different professional and medical contexts.

Good reasons for imageLAND Acoustics

Pro Nature!

Polyester fleece is 100% recyclable, with a fibre content of at least 60% from recycled PET bottles. The sound absorber is suitable for allergy sufferers, breathable and resistant to mould and dust mites.


Sound absorber class A

Fire protection class B1 (DIN 4102)


The sound absorber is suitable for allergy sufferers, breathable and resistant to mould and dust mites. Toxicologically safe, acoustic fleece tested for harmful substances in accordance with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100

Made in Germany!

Our acoustic pictures are produced entirely in Germany.

Brilliant digital printing gives our textile motif print impressive colour intensity. Customised motifs are printed for you. The sturdy frame made of anodised silver matt aluminium profile has a profile depth of 5.5 cm.


You can find our acoustic favourites here:

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