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Discover the advantages of furnishing your property with pictures and use them to take your company or interior to a new level. Aesthetically pleasing images create a pleasant atmosphere and represent your brand identity at the same time. With carefully selected images, you can attract the attention of your customers and positively influence their experience. In offices, inspiring images boost employee motivation, while acoustic images improve room acoustics. The flexibility of image exchange makes it possible to adapt the room design to changes, while special images can serve as points of identification. Use images to tell stories and create an emotional connection, while supporting the local art scene by incorporating art by local artists. Well-designed property décor with images can not only enhance the customer experience, but also encourage positive reviews and make your business or facility stand out. Discover the wide range of possibilities for interior design with images and put your business on the road to success.

Aesthetic enhancement: Images contribute to the aesthetic design of spaces, giving them personality and creating a pleasant atmosphere.


Brand representation: The choice of images can help to represent the identity and values of a company or institution, creating a coherent brand image.


Customer appeal: In commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels or shops, images can be used in a targeted way to attract customers' attention and have a positive impact on their experience.


Promoting employee motivation: In offices, well-chosen images help to create an inspiring working environment that increases employee motivation and promotes a sense of well-being.


Acoustic improvement: Acoustic pictures can help to absorb sound in rooms and thus improve room acoustics, which is particularly important in offices, conference rooms and other public areas.

Flexibility and customisation: The ability to easily replace images allows the room design to be flexibly adapted to changes or seasonal themes, which is particularly beneficial in shops and hotels.


Creation of identification points: Special images or artwork can serve as points of identification and make the space unique, which is particularly important in public buildings, hotels or catering establishments.


Storytelling: Images can tell stories or create a certain atmosphere that influences the overall experience of users or customers and creates an emotional connection.


Positive impact on customer reviews: In public facilities such as hotels or restaurants, carefully selected images can help influence positive customer reviews and improve the overall guest experience.

What fits best in your rooms?


In the qualified online shop imageLAND, all those who want to buy expressive pictures with frames but don't want to dig too deep into their wallets will get their money's worth. For more than 37 years, imageLAND has been offering its customers a huge range of design-strong and high-quality art prints, acrylic paintings and many other great things that create an impressive ambience. Why don't you browse through our virtual sales world and let yourself be inspired? We are sure that you will find your favourite pictures, with or without frames, in no time at all.


Immerse yourself in the world of digital prints on acrylic and be inspired by the surprisingly favourable prices in our online shop. We have calculated carefully so that you always get the best value for money. Our digital prints are characterised by vibrant colours that are fixed behind acrylic to guarantee you long-lasting enjoyment of your artwork. What are you looking for? Would you like a maritime motif for the bathroom, a calming landscape picture for the bedroom or a real eye-catcher for the living room, such as the "Roebuck with jumper"? Discover the variety of our digital prints on acrylic and bring a breath of fresh air into your living space.


Aluminium composite consists of two layers of aluminium connected by a plastic core. This construction makes the material extremely robust, weather-resistant and insensitive to UV radiation, which ensures long-term durability of the print. Digital printing on aluminium composite enables razor-sharp, high-resolution image quality, allowing images, graphics or text to appear with impressive clarity and detail. It therefore combines aesthetic appeal with high quality, durability and versatility, making it the ideal solution for a variety of visual applications in different environments.

Hospitals, hotels, retirement homes should look at our contract fit-out offerings to ensure that the overall interior design is seamless and consistent, creating a harmonious and professional overall look. A single supplier also allows for efficient communication and coordination, saving time and effort while ensuring a comprehensive, co-ordinated aesthetic.


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